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Speedy Publishing.Com - SpeedyPublishing.Com the premier source for multi platform publishing training online. Multi-platform publishing is the corner stone of entrepreneurial publishing, the technique that allows publishers to use one single book manuscript and leverage that content to hundreds of platforms in only a few days.

With over 40+ hours of training videos, access to cutting edge publishing techniques, free access to marketing tools, templates and management reports you will be able to increase your revenue within a few hours of accessing the members area.

Learn about Ebook Lending Libraries, how to get hundreds of critical reviews for your book, why an ISBN for an ebook is so important, how to get your book in front of readers hungry for your content, how to set up a subscription based book on Amazon KDP and Banes and Noble Nook and so many other techniques.

ADD ON – 12 Steps To Publishing Success – Step by step methods of how a small imprint publishes by combining content acquisition techniques, distribution and book discovery techniques that small publishers can employ to increase revenues and ultimately profitability.

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