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There are three critical steps to successful self-publishing. The first step is content creation, the second is title distribution and the third and most critical step is book discovery. Where most self-publishers fail is obtaining global distribution and more importantly book discovery, the method of getting their titles in front of hungry readers that want to consume their content. Whether you are creating fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry or even picture based books there exists a market for your content and we can help you find it.

How Does Speedy Publishing Help
We focus on all three aspects. First our training website provides you with access to over one hundred and twenty plus hours of training on how to create your content so that you see solid sales, within days of publishing and distribution. We also provide with access to an unrivaled distribution network that includes, Digital books, Audio Books, Physical Books and even Enhanced eBooks with video and audio. But we go even a step further; through social media marketing we are able to provide Speedy Publishing authors with title discovery by readers that want to consume their content regardless of the genre you are publishing in. You will never have to worry about copyright, withdrawing your title or publishers taking the lion’s share of the royalties on book sales. We never hold you to a contract that locks in authors and their work to Speedy Publishing.

Setting You Up For Mainstream
As an author it is important to build a following, a fan base, readers that love your work and stay connected. Speedy Publishing builds the basis for this by putting your content in front of eager fans that want to read work in the very genre you write in. This is an invaluable service that you need to create your own following and become a renowned author.

Speedy Publishing is the only aggregator in the market that does this and you want to learn exactly how it works to put your best foot forward in your quest to become a real author.

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