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Speedy Publishing LLC accepts unsolicited manuscripts from all authors. We not only assess the content that you submit, we assess the author to determine how we can make the publishing venture both pleasant and profitable for both parties. We will give your book the attention and dedication it deserves and needs. When you publish direct, there are no repository fees, no guidelines on number of books and distribution limitations.

Please note we DO NOT provide editing services for manuscripts. We specialize in distribution and discovery to drive sales. You must ensure that your book is edited before submitting to us.

To submit an application fiction or non-fiction you must submit some basic information found below via email to authors(at)

Please use your real name and not a pen name in the application:
Email Application
Please include the following information in your email:
Your Full Name:
Your Postal address:
Your Phone number (including area code):
Your Manuscript Title:
The Word Count of the Manuscript You Want Published:
The Genre or Niche of Your Manuscript
A Brief Synopsis of Your Title
Give Us a Personal Bio

Once a publishing consultant has reviewed your application we will send you an email to arrange a direct call to you to begin the submission process

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