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Why Speedy Support FAQ's

Here are a few popular questions asked by our members. Please feel free to email us to get any assistance.

What Type Of Content Can I Publish Through Speedy Publishing?
We accept content formatted for publishing in the following formats. For digital distribution we accept EPUB, .MOBI, Self-Contained .MOBI, MP3, PDF, KF8 Kindle Format and EPUB3. For Paperback we accept US Trade Paperback books in PDF-XA Format. Audio books submitted must be MP3 quality and cannot be .WAV or any other formats. To learn more about the submitting your books in the correct format, visit Speedy Book Editor.

What If My Book Is Not In Any Of These Formats?
If you have a title that is not formatted you will need to have them formatted correctly before you submit them to Speedy Publishing. We can help with Conversion. As all books are different please contact our help desk and select the option of Manuscript Conversion and we will get a quote over to you within 48 Hours.

Can I Submit PLR Content?
While we encourage you to submit content in all forms most retail partners will not accept content if it is freely on the web. We use COPYSCAPE.COM and GRAMMARLY.Com to ensure we adhere to rules set forth by our retail partners. If you submit PLR Content our editors will reject the content and your book will not be published through us.

Can I Submit Public Domain Content
Unfortunately at this time our retail partners will NOT accept public domain content.

Why Was My Book Rejected?
We reject titles for a wide range of reasons. The most common being the content can be found freely on the web. If the content is found to be in breach of copyright laws your content can also be rejected. Please refer to the rejection email that notified you that we will not be publishing your content.

What Price Should I Place On My Content
We price content and not formats that means regardless of the price you place on your manuscript, this is the return you will get regardless of the formats you upload. To make your content available to retailers at 45% of your list title price. This means if you list your title for $10.00 then your title will be wholesaled for $4.50.

Wholesale Returns and Refunds
There are no additional costs for returns and refunds for digital content. However physical books will attract a per unit printing cost for each unit returned. This means if it costs $2.00 to print a single unit and this unit is returned, your account will be charged $2.00.

Why Am I Paying Fees?
We charge fees for membership to offset storage, marketing and distribution costs per title. These fees are comparatively the lowest in the market and the only distributor that includes the service of book discovery.

How Are Sales Reported
Between the 15th and 20th of each month your sales report for the previous month is generated and uploaded to your account. Payouts are made through Paypal, Direct Deposit (within the United States) and Checks where requested.

How Are Royalties Calculated?
Royalties are calculated based on your membership plan. You can learn more about membership plans here. We charge our percentage fees on the net royalties. So if you are a Platinum Author you are charge a base of 15% of net royalties. So if your royalties in from retailers amounts to $100.00 we would levy a charge of 15% or $15.00. This will be indicated on your sales report. Repository fees are charged monthly based on the number of books you have uploaded.

When Are Royalties Paid
Royalties are disbursed between the 1st and 5th of each month. This payment will be net royalties for the previous pay cycle. Example: Payments for January 1 – January 31st will be made between March 1st and March 5th.

How Are Royalties Paid

Royalty payments will be made via PayPal, check, direct deposit, electronic wire transfer or other method we choose to add in the future.

Do I Still Own the Copyright of My Content?
You retain control and ownership of your content, however to publish through us you must grant Speedy Publishing LLC a nonexclusive license, during the term of the Agreement, to reformat, reproduce, and distribute your content to our retail partners.

Can I Remove My Books From Distribution?

Yes, you can remove your books from distribution at any time by emailing our help desk to have this done. Please note that it takes up to 12 weeks for retail partners to remove the books from their storefront. PLEASE NOTE: Paperback titles that are already printed and distributed cannot be recalled.

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