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Speedy Publishing knows that authors and writers need the best tools to ensure success in the publishing industry. That’s why for our members we provide the most productive tools that you can use to make sure that you not only create in demand content but properly formatted content that can be easily distributed to retailers and ready for sale very quickly. Training is also provided for these tools as well.

EBook Niche Explorer – Whether you are new to publishing or an expert there is one very important thing you need to “get” if you are to be successful. You must be in a niche that is in demand. However if the eBook is in a niche that is too competitive, then you will not be as profitable. EBook Niche Explorer helps you to find high demand and low competition Niche Markets. This is a critical factor for authors and writers. (Found In The Members Area)

Niche Reports – Each month we provide you with 30+ NON-FICTION niches to create content in that already has a high demand from readers. Use this niche report to create content for your books that will allow you to almost guarantee sales and royalties before you write the first line. (Found In The Members Area)

Cover Templates – We provide our members with 30 Cover Templates in .PSD format for editing with Adobe Photoshop. These professionally done cover templates can be used to create beautiful and engaging covers to improve conversions of your books. This is very important and is crucial to the success of your publishing business. (Found In The Members Area)

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