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Speedy Publishing LLC is a hybrid book publishing company that is geared towards giving the author and writer the power to build their brand, market and distribute their content just the way they want. Giving them the freedom to choose how involved they are in the book publishing process and more importantly lets the author and writer focus on what is important to them – creating entertaining and high quality content that will deliver value to the customer.

Colin Scott CEO and founder of Speedy Publishing LLC created the company with one goal in mind – to bridge the gap between good quality content, book distribution and reader discovery. Coordination of all three while not impossible, cannot be done successfully by just one person. A book can never truly reach its full potential if it’s hidden on a shelf and readers never hear its title.

Speedy Publishing LLC currently owns and operates three distinct brands.

Speedy Publishing.Com - SpeedyPublishing.Com the premier source for multi platform publishing training online. Multi-platform publishing is the corner stone of entrepreneurial publishing, the technique that allows publishers to use one single book manuscript and leverage that content to hundreds of platforms in only a few days.

Within just one hour you could be listed for publication on Amazon KDP, Amazon Create Space, Barnes And Noble Nook, Apple iBookstore, Apple iTunes store, Lulu.Com, eBooks.Com, Kobo, SmashWords.Com, Audible.Com, the Sony eReader store, Diesel eBooks, Ingram, Baker and Taylor and accessible to hundreds of physical bookstores.

With over 40+ hours of training videos, access to cutting edge publishing techniques, free access to marketing tools, templates and management reports, you will be able to increase your revenue within a few hours of accessing the members area.

Learn about Ebook Lending Libraries, how to get hundreds of critical reviews for your book, why an ISBN for an ebook is so important, how to get your book in front of readers hungry for your content, how to set up a subscription based book on Amazon KDP and Banes and Noble Nook and so many other techniques.

12 Steps To Publishing Success – Step by step methods of how our company publishes by combining content acquisition techniques, distribution and book discovery that small publishers can employ to increase revenues and ultimately profitability.

Speedy Book Publisher™ - software is the most unique, proprietary utility that has been yet created for authors and self-publishers. It is only available here for this discounted price for a very limited time. You Want Simple and Easy to Use…Now You Have It! If you can use Microsoft Word then Speedy Book Publisher™ software is a piece of cake. This software is very easy to use. It's a simple process that’s easy-to-follow, in essence a great labor saving tool.

SBP™ software was created with you, the author, in mind in order to minimize all the difficulties that eat up your valuable time. Our software saves you the time it takes to figure everything out and the often laborious mind-numbing tasks involved in self-publishing. Think about the benefits and joy of being able to get your work published and in front of your intended audience as soon as possible. Also, the quicker you get to market the sooner the money starts rolling in.

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